TEATRE EN ANGLÈS: DT (Digital Twin). English Theatre Company

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dimecres, 15 de maig | 11:15 h

D.T. is our comic exaggeration of our digitalised world where we exist more and more online.

D.T. is the story of Elliot, a 16 year old student, whose best life is lived online. He feels safer there; stronger, less shy and awkward. He just wishes his life would be half as good as his online image.

Be careful what you wish for, right? Elliot answers a simple questionnaire; just one click and two mysterious strangers appear and offer him the perfect solution: a free virtual digital twin that can do all the stuff Elliot finds difficult, embarrassing, boring.

Through a series of sketches put together to form a narrative, D.T. takes a hilarious, yet somewhat chilling, look at a world that is getting out of control.

D.T. is a highly comic, involving piece, very much in our home style. And we have a younger and an older version of the script to make it suitable for the age and level of the audience.

Durada: 60 minuts

11:15 h
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5.5 €