D.I.Y. (Do it yourselves) - Teatre en anglès

The English Theatre Company

5.5 €
dimecres, 10 de maig | 11:15 h

The three main characters, Charlie, Ben and Molly are three friends who at school set up a film club.

One day they get a video call from an agent in Hollywood asking if they would like to make the next big summer movie.

It is, of course, a mistake, the call was not meant for them. And of course, they’ve never made a film before, they don’t have the equipment, and don’t really know any actors, a director.

But, of course, they try. What do they have to lose?

D.I.Y. is one of our most interactive plays where the audience helps Ben,

Molly and Charlie as they try out various ideas for the film. Not only that, but D.I.Y is written and performed to have various choices of what to do along the way. Each time the audience decides what Molly. Charlie and Ben have to do. In this way D.I.Y has various different possible endings as the audience tell the three friends what to do.  

11:15 h
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5.5 €